Best GPS for Car Navigation – Auto GPS Reviews

Best GPS for Car Navigation – Auto GPS Reviews

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Best GPS for Car Navigation-Auto GPS Reviews:

A number of new technology-based products have become an essential part in our lives. Just a few years ago a GPS was a costly addition to a vehicle navigation system. The process was complex and it required costly installation as well. As a result, GPS was not a navigation tool commonly used by every car owner. However, many navigation systems are quite popular nowadays. Now, most car owners use these GPS tools to easily find routes to a location.

These sophisticated, yet simple to use navigation systems come with pre-loaded maps. Once the user sets the address and hits the search button, GPS automatically finds the route and calculates the exact driving time. Each GPS tool doesn’t come with the same number of features. You may find slight difference between every GPS systems designed for the cars. While some of these give detailed information about the travel time and routes, some also offer information about exits, gas, and foods available in an area. GPS car navigation system also gives exact information about the speed limits across the highways.

In the market, a variety of GPS for car and automobiles are found. While purchasing a GPS for car, you will come across a plenty of models. The new models of portable GPS are easy to install. You can use these even at secluded hilly areas and valleys. Also, these systems can be used as your shopping guides as they give detailed information about the nearby malls, restaurants, and shopping complexes. Undoubtedly, more and more people are getting the interest to buy a GPS for car. If you are also keen to buy a new GPS, then you may want to learn more about the GPS car navigation explanation.

The GPS car navigation systems have pre-loaded maps. Thus, they easily provide you an on-screen street and highway maps and guide you well on the street by offering you the precise driving directions to the nearby restaurants, cities, and other points of interests. The GPS systems work as per the satellite signal. Hence, you may find difficulty if the device is unable to connect to the satellite. Sometimes, bad weather may result in the disconnection from the satellite. The process of simple navigation works as per the receiver connected to your GPS. This receiver actually transmits and receives signals from the satellites and then provides you the driving distance and direction to the exact location where you are going. In short, the GPS navigation helps you to get directions in a new city or town. This is because the GPS receiver will guide you to the selected specific destination immediately.

The GPS has many varied functions. While looking for a GPS, you may want to learn more about the best GPS for car and automobiles. Savvy buyers are advised to check the auto GPS reviews while planning to buy a GPS device.

If you compare reviews, you will have a better sense of currrent GPS prices. A regular GPS with basic features ranges from $120 to $150, whereas a GPS device with high sensitivity receiver, hands-free calling, and traffic alert feature will cost up to $300. Here is a list of some of the best picks of GPS devices.

1. The Garmin Imap:

Garmin GPS systems are some of the best GPS for car and automobiles. The models available include some basic and advanced ones as well. This brand of GPS systems is tiny handheld units that offer a detailed base-map of any locations across the Americas. If you are looking for buying a GPS for your car, then this is an excellent choice. Price range - $110 to $180.

Cons: You may find the graphics and the text little pixilated.

2. Tom Tom Go Live:

This is also a popular model of GPS, although less so than Garmin, the market leader. These inexpensive models are easy to install and use. This is a perfect handy tool for all car owners. The new app, Go Live also tweets automatically in Twitter to keep your family and friends posted about you and your current location. Price range - $110 to $250.

Cons: Searching the connected services is sometimes difficult.

3. Magellan GPS:

This GPS is also a popular brand of GPS in the US. It has a detailed map of the USA including all prime locations and highways. Those looking for a best GPS for car and their vehicle can surely opt for any of these brands.

Cons: the system's included web browser is actually not suitable if you are doing extended browsing. Price range - $100 to $175.

Many cars are sold with a GPS device today. If you browse through the wide variety of auto GPS reviews, you may come across a number of shortcomings such as the battery life. Some brands of GPS have an excellent battery life, whereas several GPS devices offer low battery life. To find the GPS devices with best battery life, you may want to browse through auto GPS reviews extensively. As very few new cars are sold without an included GPS device, you may also want to speak with your auto dealer to learn more about the GPS system.

As the popularity of these devices has increased exponentially, many car companies offer included GPS systems with their cars. The GPS devices are very popular now; hence, many manufacturers are offering new varieties of devices with advanced features. With a GPS device installed in your car, you can easily navigate through a new city or location and reach your destination easily. All you need to do is just punch in the address and your GPS device will do the rest.

Another reason for the popularity of these devices is due to the ease of installation and portability. These small devices are easy to install and carry. You can just carry these tools wherever you go. If you are concerned about the installation, then you should be happy to know that many of these devices can be installed within minutes.

Whether or not you are a regular road tripper, you will surely enjoy the benefits of a GPS system. In fact, such a device will also offer you traffic alerts, traffic jams, and road works if any. In such cases, you can always take an alternative route with the help of your GPS system in order to reach your destination. These GPS devices are truly an essential device for all drivers. Investing on such a tool is truly advisable.

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