Find geocaching supplies: Best geocaching GPS & geocaching containers

Find geocaching supplies: Best geocaching GPS & geocaching containers

Posted 05.17.2010 in Articles by Amanda

When looking for the supplies you will need to start your geocaching adventures, think about the  essential characteristics your GPS device will need in order to be used as a geocaching tool. For geocaching, the best options are easy to use, accessible and durable devices. This is mainly because your treasure hunt will not always take you to your local park, sometimes your geocaches will be located at the end of a really long hike or even underwater. Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best geocaching supplies and some tips on where to find them.

The world-wide geocaching phenomenon became popular in early May in 2000 because of the accessibility of accurate GPS map readings. Although it is possible to find geocaches with an average GPS device, there are certain features you might want to add to facilitate the hunt.

When looking into the features your device should have, it is highly recommended to attain a basemap, this allow you to see major roads, highways and is intended to be used in areas where you have not yet loaded detailed data before. Other criteria you might want to look into are the amount of channels your GSP device has The more channels it has the better signal and the more accurate it will be. Also, make sure to have a decent memory card because it is in charge of loading topographic and street-level maps that you will need to stay in track of your geocaches. Don't forget battery replacements, it won't be fun to run out of battery in the middle of the hike. You might want to consider bringing easy replacement batteries or use lithium batteries to ensure longer battery life.

Luckily the top-rated geocaching GPS devices feature all of these, one of these devices is the Garmin Geko 201 Handheld GPS, a tiny power-bomb, which is surprisingly inexpensive taking into consideration it is waterproof, has 12 channels and sets breadcrumbs along the way so you can see where you have been. The Garmin Gmaps 60CSx is another device to consider, with battery power that lasts from 18 to 20 hours and locks onto several satellites from almost anywhere in the world. This is one device that may be worth your savings. These savvy devices usually run around $70-$400 and you can find them on websites like, or, which offers $5 shipping on all USA orders and free log sheet downloads.

Geocaching smartphone applications can be extremely useful, especially when they help convert degrees, geographical coordinates and decrypt hint text to plain text like the free Geocaching toolkit iGCT app. Another application to look into is the Groundspea's iphone app, which allows you to enter the  database of the geocaching website and provides you with a list of geocaches near you.

Once you have your GPS device, you might want to buy some geocaching containers. They vary from large clear plastic containers to film canisters to a fake rock with a secret compartment. As you prepare to look for the hidden treasure or hide it, you might want to consider an ammo can, which has been known to survive floods, fires and tornados. If you don't think your container will face a natural disaster, you might want to get a beach safe, which is a waterproof container. Geocaching containers are for keeping the trinkets, which will be either a collective item or a logbook. You want to make sure they are kept safe during the time they are trying to be found. Once you find the container with  its trinket you should follow the guiding principle which is, “take something, leave something,” or just leave it as you found it.

Now that you know all about the essential geocaching supplies you are ready for your geocache pursue. Start using your new geocaching tools and make sure you leave your custom-made sticker or sign the logbook with your personal logo to memorialize your geocaching adventure.

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