Find United States Wall Maps, Large World Wall Map Poster Source

Find United States Wall Maps, Large World Wall Map Poster Source

Posted 05.17.2010 in Articles by Angela

A wall map is a traditional choice to spruce up a barren wall. A wall map can be educational or decorative, and when choosing a suitable one, would-be map owners should consider the type of finish the wall map they choose will have, what kind of details and features it has, its design and aesthetic, and pricing. Specialty online stores generally have a wide variety of maps that may be hard to find otherwise; here are the top five websites a consumer can use to look for a good wall map.

Rand McNally ( has a small selection of wall maps, in addition to the site's other products including atlases and plain maps. The site provides US wall maps, world wall maps, framed and illuminated maps, professional wall maps, and wall maps that help you pin where you have travelled. Although the selection is not huge, the maps are well-priced and sized. For example, small version of wall maps (50” x 32”) cost from $4.76 and up. The Classic Edition wall maps use parchmentlike paper and faded coloring to give an old-time feel, whereas the M series of wall maps give a more schoolroom feel.  Larger maps costs more, such as a World Mural Wall Map that comes with laminated panels to hang on the wall to show a highly detailed view of the world and a kit including mounting paste, a dry erase marker, and installation instructions, measuring in at a 8'8” x 13” which can be trimmed to fit smaller walls, costs $199.95. 

The National Geographic online store have many categories of wall maps, including world maps, national maps, maps of continents, country and region maps, space maps, specialty maps, and other options including plaque-mounted and framed maps. Their selection is large, with over 400 maps available at their site. World mural maps, for example, come in earth tones, a blue-ocean color schema, or classic world political maps with traditional map coloring or earth tones, or with satellite-map coloring or a vivid bright-color version. National Geographic also provides interesting takes on the traditional world map, with the “Earth at Night” map, a map with two circles on it showing the two hemispheres, a map of the Pacific Ocean floor, and other different types of maps. Maps in the mural size range in price from $99.95 and up. Smaller sizes can cost as little as $5.99. National Geographic also provides, for a higher price, personalized maps that come with a special mounted title of your choosing and pins to mark different locations on the map, allowing families to track where they have lived, travelled, locations of family or friends, and dream places. For unique and beautiful maps and a large variety of selections, the National Geographic online store does not disappoint with its database of different maps in different sizes, colors, and with an extensive array of different takes on the traditional wall map. says it has the largest selection of world, continent, or country maps on the web, and has a large number of different categories: world maps, USA maps, continent & country maps, custom radius maps, antique maps, state ZIP code maps, history maps, satellite maps, pinboard maps and more. also has Wallzilla Adhesive Maps, which stick to the wall, and are advertised as easy to put on and similarly easy to remove and transport without losing the sticky properties. Their maps come in a variety of styles including, for example, historic panoramas of cities including New York and San Diego,  lighthouse maps, political wall maps, college locator maps, and historical maps detailing the Korean War, the Vietnam War, battles of the Civil War and more. Prices range from $10 to $500, depending on what options the buyer would like, from lamination to unrippable Tyvek to Wallzilla Adhesive maps.'s catalog has map options to suit almost every need, for home, teaching, personal use, and more. also has had nearly 20 years of experience in custom mapping and provide custom maps, including custom wall maps, from prices starting at $450.

USGS, at, is a science organization that provides information about the environment, climate, and natural resources and hazards. They do not focus on making commercial printed wall maps, but visitors to their site can download and find topographical maps, and buy 7.5 and 15 minutes maps, 1x2 Degree Maps, State Maps, Historical Maps, County Maps, Antarctic Maps, National Parks Maps, Hazard Maps, Planets and Moons Maps, and many other types as well. Their maps do not focus on design so much as educational or informational purposes. Many of these categories, however, offer only a limited variety of maps in specific locations or states.  The site does not offer maps in many different sizes either. Prices tend to be very reasonable, with most maps priced under $10, though some specialized maps may go up in price to $40 or even $225. The USGS website also provides links to find other sites with maps for downloading or purchase. 

Map Sales ( provides over 223,861 wall maps in their catalog, free shipping, and delivery as fast as next-day. The entire site is devoted to wall maps, offering wall maps in many different categories: international wall maps, United States wall maps from the national scale to city and metro area scale, zip code maps, antique wall maps, and so on. Map Sales provides an extensive range of finishing options as well, including Map ReStickers that stick to the wall in a similar way to the Wallzilla Adhesive Maps. Map Sales also provides Magnetic Wall Maps, Maps on Spring Rollers, and Valances which roll up multiple maps for individual ones to be rolled out at need. Sizes of wall maps range from 24” x 36“ to 9x12 ft, and larger. Map Sales also has a custom map option, with highly customizable maps including color, style, areas of the world, information, and size. Map prices depend on size and finish, and can be as low as about $30 or can be very expensive, ranging to over $1000. 

There are many types of maps out there, from the common state, regional, US, and world maps in finishes such as the traditional blue coloring or antique finishes; more specialized or unique maps can be found holding many different types of information ranging from topographical to college locations. Depending on what kind of wall map you're looking for, there is most certainly one out there to suit your needs. Consider what you will be using your map for, where, and how large or how durable you would like it to be. Consider finishing options and display options as well. Hopefully, these five sites will be useful to your in your search for a wall map. 

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